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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Why ?Red Dead Redemption 2? Can?t Seem to Pick Up the Pace

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Maybe it wasn?t that big a deal when Microsoft failed to announce new titles on the Xbox One backwards compatibility during the big E3 2016 event. After all, they keep their promise of delivering titles whenever the opportunity arrives. So whether it?s the big E3 event or just another Monday of a brand new week, fans can always count on some new titles on the backwards-compatible feature.

This week, GameNGuide once again reminded gamers of what they might have missed in the long list of games on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Since we have at least two more weeks to wait before new titles will arrive, it?s interesting to know some of the previous offers from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, for the ?Red Dead Redemption 2? is still unable to make it to the backwards-compatible feature. Microsoft cited ?licensing? as the main obstacle on why they can?t seem to deliver the game to Xbox One.

Now that the E3 2016 hype has died down, it?s also the perfect time to recap what has been offered in the past. For the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, ?Left 4 Dead? and ?Portal 2? are the latest titles that made it to the list. Prior to that, the Major Nelson website announced the arrival of ?Brain, Challenge,? ?Babel Rising,? ?Lazy Raiders,? ?SEGA BAss Fishing,? ?Monopoly Plus,? ?Foul Play,? ?XCOM: Enemy Within? and ?Anomaly: Warzone Earth.?

If you want to know the games expected to arrive in July, TheBitBag has made some bold predictions with ?Black Ops II? leading the list as well as ?The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,? ?Bioshock? and the ?Red Dead Redemption 2.? The latter left a strong and quite impressive impression on the XBox One backwards compatibility feature after it previously appeared on the Xbox One Store, showed a downloadable title and surprisingly playable backwards-compatible game.

The appearance, however, was short-lived, after Microsoft eventually pulled it from the online store and since then, it was never heard from again.

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