Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: New Title Arrives on the Microsoft Feature

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The growing list of the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature continues to expand as Microsoft diligently issues new titles on the feature. Just recently, 2010?s Bomberman Live: Battlefest arrived on the Xbox one store. Developed by Pi Studios, the Bomberman Live: Battlefest requires players to use their talent in defeating their enemies using bombs.

The new Xbox One backwards compatibility title can be played by a single player or a group of eight in order to vanquish their enemies. Featuring a total of 12 arenas, Battlefest also has two modes, mainly ?Capture the Flag? and ?Paintbomb.?

The game?s description says ?The ultimate party game is back! Blast your way through a dozen arenas with more gimmicks, more power-ups, more game modes, and more costumes than ever before! Up to eight players can pick teams and blast their way to victory playing Capture the Flag, Bankroll, Capture the Crown, Paintbomb, and VIP! Visit exotic locales like Adventure Island, a Pirate Ship on the stormy seas, and the futuristic Laser Arena! May the best Bomber win!?

Like the past Xbox One backwards compatibility titles, players who previously owned Bomberman Live: Battlefest on their Xbox 360 will automatically find the title in their Xbox One console. Otherwise, players may manually download the game on the Xbox One store for $10. The download size of the game is approximately 677.88MB.


The Red Dead Redemption has been by far, the feature?s biggest title, but we?re also looking on the eventual arrival of confirmed titles mainly BioShock, BioShock 1&2, BioShock Infinite and Skate 3.

The backwards compatibility feature has over 200 titles on its library and it keeps growing, thanks to the newly released Xbox One S console. In the latest report by Gamespot, Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg revealed that the newly released Xbox One S is being received widely by fans and has indicated an ?unprecedented demand? of the console. In Europe, the limited Xbox One S 2TB is almost sold out.

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