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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Five More Titles Arrive for the Microsoft Feature

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Microsoft continues to delight their fans with a series of titles for the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature and recently, they added five more new titles in the catalog. According to Gamespot, the Xbox 360 titles coming to the next-gen Xbox One console include ?Portal 2,? ?Flashback,? ?Babel Rising,? ?Brain Challenge? and ?Portal: Still Alive.? If you previously owned them on Xbox 360, you will automatically find the games in your Xbox One console. If not, you may have to manually download the games from the Xbox One store.

Currently, the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature has almost 200 titles on its lineup with last week?s list giving away ?XCOM: Enemy Within,? ?Monopoly Plus,? ?Foul Play? and ?Sega bass Fishing.? Aside from what fans hoped to be included on the list, some few confirmed games for the backwards-compatible feature were also announced and they include ?Bioshock,? ?Bioshock 2,? ?Bioshock Infinite? and ?Skate 3.?

Meanwhile, some of the titles that are topping the surveys to be included in the feature include ?Red Dead Redemption,? ?Call of Duty: Black Ops II? and ?The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.? In a previous announcement by Microsoft, they said they have stopped releasing backwards compatible titles in a scheduled manner, instead they opt to release immediately games that are ready for the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature.

As you also noticed, the ?Red Dead Redemption? still fails to join the list of titles, but with fans keeping it on top of the survey, Rockstar and Microsoft may finally work on something in order to include it on the list.

This week looked like a feast for the Microsoft team as they dominated the news after the E3 2016 event kickoff. First, there?s Xbox head Phil Spencer announcing the much slimmer version of the Xbox One called, the Xbox One S, then he announced Project Scorpio wherein, he revealed the coming of the much more powerful Xbox One console, said to launch in 2017. Are you satisfied with the latest titles on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature? Are you confident that Microsoft will release ?Red Dead Redemption? this year? For more updates on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, make sure to check on

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