Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Arrives on the Feature

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Microsoft?s Xbox One backwards compatibility feature continues to expand as Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson revealed on Twitter the arrival of ?Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon?. In his latest Twitter post, he said ?Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is coming to Xbox One backward compatibility today.? Despite the addition, some fans seem to be disappointed with the title, saying it is the wrong ?3? game, when it should be Skate 3 on the latest Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

The latest triple A game that arrived on the backwards compatibility list was ?Red Dead Redemption? and since then, most of the games that have been added to the feature have been indies A Twitter user with the handle @MarkCoull said ?how about some decent games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series???? Who gives a crap about blood dragon.?

The 80?s inspired video game came out in 2013, and it was largely accepted by fans, enough for Microsoft to convert it into an Xbox One backward compatible game instead of shelving it. Meanwhile, Xbox head Phil Spencer recently revealed on Twitter that Blue Dragon will also arrive on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Interestingly, it was revealed in a funny way wherein, Spencer answered a query about the game ever getting to the backward compatibility. A user name @jfranklin4160 asked ?hey I was wondering is blue dragon being worked in backwards compatibility on xbox one.? And Spencer replied it with ?@Jfranklin4160 I’m not allowed to say but yes.?

Also, previous reports revealed that BioShock: The Collection has been available online and critics can?t help but admire the immense development of its graphics. That being said, could the rumors that the BioShock series will arrive on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list be coming true? It was reported that Microsoft has confirmed the BioShock series to be available on the feature, but never really gave details as to when they will release it.


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