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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Bloodforge, GripShift, And Two More Games Added

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Xbox One backwards compatibility

Another week means another batch of last-gen games with Xbox One backwards compatibility. They might not be the biggest games that ever came to the Xbox 360 like Red Dead Redemption, but starting today, fans can download the following games: Bloodforge, Mars: War Logs, Gripshift and Go! Go! Break Steady.

Like most games that have been given the treatment, fans who have played these titles on the Xbox 360 will be able to transfer their save progresses and achievements through their Xbox Live account. They can even use the multiplayer functionality of these games through Xbox Live if they want to, showing just how much Microsoft cares about this program.

Larry Hryb announced the four games on Twitter. Some fans complained about the lack of higher-profile games like Bioshock or the Skate games. While the Skate series might still have a chance, Bioshock is getting an HD re-release on current-gen consoles, so that seems unlikely.

While having games with Xbox One backwards compatibility is nice, these aren?t the best or most popular games to hit the system. Bloodforge is a poor hack-and-slash game that got plenty of negative reviews when it was released. Mars: War Logs did a bit better, mostly due to it being a cyberpunk RPG, but it was far from a critical darling.

Go! Go! Break Steady and Gripshift did a bit better than the two games mentioned above, getting average scores from most critics. Gripshift is an interesting vehicle game that focuses on extreme stunts, and it was a PSP launch title before it came to the PS3 and 360. Go! Go! Break Steady was an Xbox 360 arcade game which focused on breakdancing-themed puzzles, which was somewhat interesting.

Compared with recent entries and the Games with Gold program, this week?s batch of games with Xbox One backwards compatibility could be seen as weak. To be fair to Microsoft, it is nice of them to give some under-the-radar titles a second chance at gaining an audience, even if them becoming popular again is unlikely to catch on. Here?s hoping that the next batch of games will be better.

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