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‘Xbox One Backwards Compatibility’ Update: 2 More Titles Added to the Feature

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It is the year that the “Xbox One backwards compatibility’?feature really kicked off and you really can?t fault Microsoft when it comes to satisfying their fans? wishes. Just last month, one of the most sought videogames arrived on the backwards compatible list: the ?Red Dead Redemption? game. After that, the hype didn?t die down as the giant tech company remained true to their promise to bring more backwards compatible titles to the feature.

Today, two more titles joined the library, mainly Siberia and Boom Boom Rocket. At least eleven new titles in a span of two weeks also arrived on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature including Half Minute Hero, FLOCK!, Tour de France 2009, Crystal Defenders, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Fret Nice.

If you have been paying attention to what?s already been released, there?s no need to continue, but to those who want to get updated with some of the games that are currently on the backwards compatibility feature, some titles include, Bloodforge, Go! Go! Break Steady, Blood Knights, Mars: War Logs, I am Alive, Crystal Quest and Fallout: New Vegas.

It won?t be long before we see Bioshock 1&2, Bioshock Infinite and Skate 3 as these are the games that have been promised to arrive on the feature. Of course, there are several other games that haven?t been adapted to the “Xbox One backwards compatibility?list. It?s likely that the games we all have been waiting for will arrive at the right moment. Take ?Red Dead Redemption?, for example. After it was featured on the Xbox One Store, it was suddenly pulled out, possibly never to be seen again, until lately when it finally arrived on the backwards compatible library.


Microsoft admits that they started to cease announcing the next titles instead, but instead they just launch games immediately after they are developed and integrated in the Xbox One backwards compatibility”?feature.

Are you satisfied with Microsoft?s entry on the “Xbox One backwards compatibility”??lately? What titles do you want to see featured on the BC? Don?t miss all upcoming titles by checking updates on TheBitbag.

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