Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Why A Red Dead Redemption Remaster And BC Game Can Both Exist

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

When it comes to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility additions, developers aren?t afraid of release redundancies, just like in the case of Saints Row 4 and the first Gears of War. This could also happen to in-demand titles like the Red Dead Redemption series from Rockstar. Here?s some data that somehow suggests that upcoming remasters have a chance to be included in the Xbox One backwards-compatible list.

In 2015, a remaster of Saints Row 4 was released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 with all of its DLC expansions in the ?Saints Row 4: Re-elected? special edition of the game. The game was popular for its silliness in the same vein as the Grand Theft Auto series and for implementing funny gimmick weaponry such as the Dubstep Gun.

However, the vanilla version of Saints Row 4 for the Xbox 360 was confirmed for Xbox One backwards compatibility in April this year. This makes the Saints Row 4 release seem redundant as their audience could?ve held on to the Xbox 360 copy instead of buying the remastered version. Currently, fans could either play Saints Row 4 on Xbox One with its remaster copy or their old Xbox 360 copy. Another redundant release is the first Gears of War which also has a backwards compatibility listing on Xbox One along with its remastered version ?Gears of War Ultimate Edition? on the same console.

This somehow obscures the grounds in Xbox One Backwards Compatibility additions as Microsoft doesn?t release widely suggested games on their Xbox Feedback polls as soon as possible and they?re also fine with redundant releases. However, this is a ray of light for Red Dead Redemption Remaster fans as the game still has a chance to be an Xbox One backwards-compatible title, given Microsoft?s wild patterns in releasing games in their library.

Currently, Red Dead Redemption on Xbox Feedback has 148,504 votes and is the third most voted game for the feature, behind Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Skyrim. Activision has yet to confirm a remaster of Black Ops 2 or an Xbox One Backwards Compatibility support, but Bethesda has already announced the Skyrim Remaster for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last E3.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has yet to confirm any new Red Dead Redemption entry or new releases after Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer platform, GTA Online. While the myth of reduced chances for redundant releases on Xbox One has already been debunked, the game still won?t be available if its developer doesn?t intend on banking on the demand for Red Dead Redemption.

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