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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility News: Play Anywhere And Scorpio With BC Support Announced By Microsoft

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Microsoft E3 2016
Microsoft E3 2016

Aside from new titles, game updates and Xbox One S, Microsoft also showcased new things Xbox Live with more Xbox One backwards compatibility news. Microsoft is looking to further expand the reaches of PC and Xbox owners by bringing the platforms closer than it?s ever been before as Microsoft is improving on the Xbox?s backwards compatibility feature with Xbox Play Anywhere.

Microsoft is looking to expand the number of playable titles for the PC by enabling them to play a handful of Xbox One titles.

This Xbox One backwards compatibility news is special as players no longer have to buy two copies to get the game on both of Microsoft?s platforms. The new feature was first revealed at Microsoft?s E3 showcase for Gears of War 4. It?s called Xbox Play Anywhere, and as the name suggests, it allows players to play select Xbox One games, not exactly anywhere, but to Windows 10 PCs at least.

Basically, the new feature follows a similar approach to backwards compatibility as the titles will be made available on 2 platforms. Not all Xbox One games will be backwards compatible with the PC as Microsoft may pick only a select few. But players can expect the list to expand over time.

It?s worth noting that PC specs will still play a role in the new feature. Players can?t simply run a title just because it?s backwards compatible with the PC. There are still the same old system requirements to adhere to.

There are already several titles being made available for the Xbox Play Anywhere feature including the much anticipated Gears of War 4 and Rare?s promising indie title, Sea of Thieves.

Even Microsoft?s upcoming Xbox One Scorpio will support the backwards compatibility campaign. ?This 4K ready console will give past titles even smoother gameplay as the new console is much more powerful than the Xbox One. For more on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and E3, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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