Xbox One Backwards Compatibility News: Mass Effect Arrives on the Feature; Plus See New DLC Pack for Skate 3

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

As Microsoft celebrates the first year anniversary of the Xbox One backwards compatibility (BC) feature, two new titles were also announced during the event. ?Mass Effect 2? and ?Mass Effect 3? finally arrived on the Microsoft feature. Prior to the release of the titles, ?Skate 3? made its way to the BC list.

Unfortunately, ?Call of Duty: Black Ops II? still failed to appear on the backwards compatibility feature. The title has been one of the most discussed games in the Xbox One backwards compatibility after it made a surprising appearance on the list, only to be pulled off after. The case of the Black Ops II arriving on the backwards compatibility feature is the same thing as ?Red Dead Redemption? when the game made an untimely visit on the BC list.

The only difference was that ?Red Dead Redemption? at the time was even playable for a short period of time. Black Ops II, on the other hand, was not. Meanwhile, Mike Ybarra, Head of Platform Engineering for Xbox mentioned how successful the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature has been. Part of the statement said ?We launched with over 100 titles and have added over 170 more in the last year. Today, you can play more than 280 Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, including my personal favorites, Blue Dragon and Red Dead Redemption ? and the library continues to grow. We?re thrilled with the response and engagement we?ve seen from the community with more than 210 million hours of gameplay logged.?

Chances of Call of Duty: Black Ops II

GameNGuide reported that, despite the absence of ?Call of Duty: Black Ops II? in the BC list, at least four Call of Duty titles are already in the feature. That means, there?s a big chance that the title will arrive on the BC feature in the coming months.


And because it is the feature?s first year anniversary, Ybarra also announced that, from Nov. 10-20, EA DICE will launch the San Van Party Pack DLC for ?Skate 3? with no cost at all. Take note, however, that the DLC pack is only available to participating countries.

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