Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: How Many More Titles Will Release This Year?

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Since its introduction last 2015, Microsoft?s Xbox One Backwards Compatibility has continually made games from Xbox 360 become playable on Xbox One. So far, the backwards compatibility library has over 200 games which include the previous generation?s indie games, fan-favorite AAA titles, and some of the classics. How many more titles are we going to receive this year?

According to Kotaku, Xbox?s Phil Spencer said back at E3 2015 that there will be ?hundreds more to come? for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility library. The first wave of releases was generous as there were 104 confirmed games for the Xbox One system. However, the updates in the succeeding months rarely surpassed 10 new additions to the system per month. Despite this, the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility system has both famous AAA games and niche indie titles from the Xbox 360.

Last E3 2016, the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games released were more on quality than quantity as the first Left 4 Dead and Fallout: New Vegas were confirmed as part of this month?s new additions. Both games were considered as classics of its ?generation, as Left 4 Dead was one of the most played multiplayer first-person shooters back in its time, and Fallout New Vegas is a great Fallout entry despite not being developed by Bethesda.

As seen on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility announcements on Larry Hryb?s twitter, these 21 new additions barely sum up to the promised ?hundreds? every month, but the listed games on the Xbox One library have already doubled since its implementation. ?Most of the new additions to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility system can be found on Xbox?s Larry ?Major Nelson? Hryb?s Twitter account where he posts the batch of new additions every month. The new additions barely hit the supposed ?hundreds? every month, but we do receive good old Xbox 360 games as well as niche indie titles on the system. For now, we might just ?be able to keep receiving a handful of new additions on this Xbox One system unless Microsoft has some surprises in the latter half of 2016.

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