Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: ?Joust? Arrives on the Microsoft Feature

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

This week brings in new arcade title, “Joust” for the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. It’s a popular feature that continues to entice fans with the latest titles. The latest title is a 1982 arcade game that?was announced by Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson on its official Twitter page, saying ?Joust is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today http://mjr.mn/BackCompat.?

?Joust? is automatically free on the Xbox One console for players who previously owned the game. For the others who will play the game for the first time, they will need to download the title for the amount of $4.99. A description of the ?Joust? game for the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature says: ?Joust arrived at the height of the golden age of arcade games, and swept players off their feet. It presented a novel game play in a novel setting that captured the imagination. The player, mounted on an ostrich sized bird and carrying a lance, must ?joust? against enemy players in a battle for air supremacy.?

Latest Titles

Gamers can be updated with the latest XBox One backwards compatibility titles. The latest that arrived on the feature include: Dar Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Bomberman Live: Battlefest, and Call of Duty 2. Meanwhile, some of the Xbox Games with Gold for August and September include ?Earthlock: Festival of magic?, ?Assassin?s Creed Chronicles: China”, ?Forza Horizon? and ?Mirror?s Edge?.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature releases its game whenever a title is available to launch. This is why fans cannot expect a scheduled release until such time Major Nelson announces it online. “Red Dead Redemption” was one of?of the biggest backwards compatible titles. The title is rumored to get a sequel soon. Surely, since a lot of fans have?voted for it.


Fans are currently waiting for BioShock, BioShock 1 & 2, Bioshock Infinite and Skate 2 to arrive on the feature. These were previously the promised games to arrive on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Unfortunately, they remain unavailable to this date.

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