Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games: Two New Titles Added; See Previous Week?s Titles Here

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One backwards compatibility games list has just added two new titles to the feature. These include ?Omega Five? and ?Military Madness.? These are the latest titles that arrived following the three previous ones. Last week saw ?Pure?, ?Rayman Legends? and ?Burnout Paradise? on the list. Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, regularly puts these titles out on his Twitter page twice a week.

Unfortunately, for fans who have been rooting for the ?Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? title to arrive on this week?s issue. The title is still unavailable. Black Ops 2 teased fans when it was spotted on the list Xbox One backwards compatibility games list few weeks ago. But unlike in the case of ?Red Dead Redemption,? the game was not playable. Following the revelation, Larry Hryb announced that they made a mistake putting the title on the list.

Currently, fans of the BC feature are getting the titles they voted for. Two weeks ago, Microsoft featured ?Skate 3,? ?Mass Effect 2? and ?Mass Effect 3? on the backwards compatible program. During the Black Friday sale, rumors suggested that The Elders Scrolls Skyrim IV: Oblivion and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 already made it to the feature. This was immediately denied by Hryb, asking fans not to mind because they have not actually included the titles on the feature.

Players who previously owned the titles on the Xbox 360 console don?t need to purchase and download the game. Otherwise, players will need to purchase the game and manually download it on the Xbox One console.

In other news, fans of the ?GTA V? may soon receive another Biker DLC as rumors suggest, Rockstar is all set to release ?GTA V? Biker DLC 2. Game developer Rockstar, on the other hand, has not confirmed the new DLC. The news came after data mining exposed the latest content. The new DLC is also said to contain new vehicles and other features.

What are your thoughts about the latest Xbox One backwards compatibility games that arrived on the feature? Don?t miss the next update on the feature by reading them all here on TheBitBag.

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