Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games List, News: Three New Titles to the Feature; Plus See Past Titles From the Previous Months

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

As 2016 approaches its end, Microsoft?s Xbox One backwards compatibility feature continues to add more titles to its library. On Thursday, the latest titles that arrived on the feature include ?Shadowrun,? ?Shotest Shogi? and ?Space Ark.? While the titles are relatively indie and not the Triple A titles that fans expect, they still add up to the choices you can play on the Xbox One platform.

If you have been expecting ?Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? on the?list, we?re sorry to disappoint you. The title was erroneously put on the list a few weeks ago.?Its non-inclusion on the recent list may mean that it?s not arriving soon.However, based on how things turn out when titles are erroneously posted on the feature, chances are its time will come.

History of Erroneous Title Posting

Take for example ?Red Dead Redemption? on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Earlier this year, the game appeared on the backwards compatible list and was even playable before its was pulled out by Microsoft. A follow up statement said ?Red Dead Redemption? was mistakenly included on the list without the proper licensing. This lead to the immediate pull out. In July this year, RDR arrived on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature to the delight of the fans.

That being said, fans have all the right to expect ?Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? in the near future. Meanwhile, previous titles that arrived on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature include ?Mass Effect 2,? ?Mass Effect 3? and ?Skate 3.?

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

During the Black Friday celebration, there were rumors that ?Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? has been included on the BC feature. This was later denied by Microsoft?s Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson. For those who have not acquired the latest titles; ?Shadowrun? costs $15, while ?Shotest Shogi? and ?Space Ark? are tagged at $10 each.

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