Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Game List, News: Two New Titles Added; See Fan Favorites and Previous Additions

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

With December approaching its midway point, a new set of titles have arrived on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature game list. Last week gave us the latest update on the list and it includes ?Haunted House? and ?Injustice: Gods Among Us + disc-only Ultimate Edition?. This week will be another set of new titles so make sure to look out for them. Who knows, your favorite title may be included on the list!

Last month, the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature brought us the titles ?Oblivion,? ?Medal of Honor: Airborne,? ?Trine 2,? ?Astropop,? ?Rayman Legends,? ?Pure,? ?Burnout Paradise,? ?Omega Five,? ?Military Madness? and ?Dead Space Ignition?. ?Prior to these new titles, ?Skate 3,? ?Mass Effect 2? and ?Mass Effect 3? also arrived on the backwards compatible feature.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Game List Favorites

Despite the long list of Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, there are titles that remain fan favorites. They include ?Call of Duty: World at War,? ?Red Dead Redemption,? ?Fallout New Vegas,? ?Call of Duty: Black Ops,? ?Halo Reach,? ?Halo Wars? and ?Left for Dead 2.?

Unfortunately, the rumored ?Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? is not yet included on the list. Larry Hryb, since the rumor broke on Black Friday, said there has been an error and the title is not yet included on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list. This is not the first time Microsoft made an error in updating their BC feature list.

Red Dead Redemption was the first title erroneously put on the backwards compatible list. Not only did the company feature the title on the list; it was also made playable for a short period of time. The next title that was added on the list; only to be pulled out immediately, is ?Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?. Larry Hryb has since made the announcement that there has been a mistake. The Black Ops 2 is not yet part of the Xbox One backwards compatibility game list.

For more news and update on the BC feature as well as Xbox Games with Gold for December, make sure to read us here on TheBitBag.

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