Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Four New Games Added By Microsoft Before E3 2016

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft Xbox Live figurehead Larry Hryb posted on his Twitter account new additions to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility lineup. None of the AAA titles whose sequels will be announced on E3 were mentioned in the recent batch of additions. Here?s Hryb?s tweet about the newly added games.

XCOM Enemy Within, Foul Play, Monopoly Plus, and Sega Bass Fishing are the new game additions to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility system this week. Previously, Xbox One also received Aqua, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and Lazy Raiders as the playable Xbox 360 games on the console. The first expansion pack of the first modern XCOM game is the only notable title on the list.

There are a lot of last-gen games lately that are rumored to have remastered releases, making hopes for backwards-compatibility for them unlikely as Microsoft would have less sales for those games. With E3 2016 coming up, we?ll surely know for sure if we should still hope to see those titles on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list.

In the Xbox Feedback poll, the top three requested games to be on the Xbox One is Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with 174,066 votes, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim with 149,667 votes, and Red Dead Redemption with 145,905 votes. Activision?s Call of Duty franchise mostly dominated the poll as most of the entries rank fairly high on the list. Meanwhile, both Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption are highly anticipated to be remastered or receive a sequel on the recent consoles.

In other news, the Microsoft E3 show may mostly feature hardware upgrade announcements. The announcement will be about the overall performance and specs improvement of the next Xbox One that is said to trump the Playstation NEO from Sony. It?ll be a surprise if some classic Xbox 360 game remasters are announced on the show.

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