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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Bioshock Support Badly Needed As Remaster Changed Dev’s Original Vision?

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Everyone on Xbox One is waiting for the Bioshock trilogy to arrive in the next?Xbox One Backwards Compatibility update. The collection is in demand, and Microsoft has also confirmed that it is already in development for backwards compatibility. However, some believe that these titles will?no longer hit the backwards-compatible library as an HD collection was just released for consoles. Despite the remaster being recently released,?it seems there will still be a huge demand for fans to play it via backwards compatibility.?

2K Games has already admitted that not everything was right with the Bioshock Remaster. The original Bioshock title was more appealing in terms of audio and visuals. When the company announced Bioshock Remaster, fans were excited. But after the release, 2K couldn?t deliver on their promises, and the new version disappointed fans who were expecting better visuals and audio than the original game.?

Another thing fans don?t want to see is the unnecessary use of new textures. Players say that there are many things that 2K should not have touched as they tampered with the developers’ original vision of the game. You can see all the new tweaks made in the remastered game in Digital Foundry’s video below.?

Regarding the Bioshock remaster, the company has confirmed on the Steam community that it will be worked upon. The company will modify the in-game elements according to what fans want. On the other hand, while Microsoft is planning to add the original game and its sequels to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility library, there are chances that the company will push the updated remastered versions with the help of the original game.

Microsoft has not shared any specific dates regarding the addition of Bioshock games in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility library. Other games including Skate 3 are also lined up to be included in the library which already boasts more than 250 games.

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