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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: All Bioshock Games Now Available! Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Skyrim, And GTA 4 Next?

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The PS4 might be where it’s at right now, but Microsoft fans still have Xbox One backwards compatibility. It’s a feature fans applauded when it was announced, and it seems like the list of games keeps getting bigger. Microsoft has added some of the best games ever made, as all of the Bioshock games have backwards compatibility.

Major Nelson made the announcement on Twitter while also stating that 300 games now have backwards compatibility. With these three games now available, fans are wondering what other games Microsoft will be adding. Either way, fans should not get rid of their Xbox 360 discs.

The Contenders

According to this poll from Xbox, here are the top titles that were voted for Xbox One backwards compatibility.

Obviously, fans would want the best of the best, and all these games are all stellar. While Skyrim does have an HD re-release, Bioshock did too, and now all three games are compatible. Given how much fans really want these games to be backwards compatible, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see them eventually get the treatment.

Bioshock HD vs Last-Gen Bioshock

Now that the Bioshock games have Xbox One backwards compatibility, fans are wondering if they should keep their old discs or get the HD collection. On one hand, the HD collection runs at 1080p and 60fps and have all of the DLC for each game. However, fans that have the Xbox 360 copies and downloaded all of the DLC can transfer their content via backwards compatibility.

Fans that haven’t played the games yet should get the HD collection. Having all three games in one convenient package is pretty great, especially with all the DLC. Veteran gamers should stick with their 360 copies since the games still play the same, and the original Bioshock game wasn’t entirely faithfully recreated in the remaster.?

With hundreds of other titles that have yet to get the treatment, more games should get Xbox One backwards compatibility soon. What titles do you want to see get it? Sound off in the comments below. ?

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