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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: 3 RPG Titles Microsoft Should Add

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Xbox One backwards compatibility

With Xbox One backwards compatibility at an all-time high, it?s clear that Microsoft made a very smart decision by bringing that feature to their current-gen console. The move has been praised by many gamers and has been very useful, since there have been Games with Gold that were backwards-compatible, resulting in four free games for Xbox One owners.

Though backwards compatibility has brought in some great games from the vast library of the Xbox 360, we haven?t seen much RPGs from the last-gen console get the proper porting treatment to Xbox One. There are a few, like Fables 3 and The Witcher 2, but not much else. Here are some RPGs that fans would like to see have Xbox One backwards compatibility.


The isometric action RPG that introduced gamers to developer Supergiant Games, Bastion is a must-play for those who enjoyed Transistor and are excited for Pyre, the company?s upcoming game. Despite the game?s colorful visuals, the story got deeper and darker as the game went on, thanks to memorable characters and a narrator with a ridiculously awesome voice.

Add a wonderful soundtrack, fun combat and one of the most interesting last levels in gaming history, and it?s clear that Bastion should be considered for the backwards compatibility treatment. It?s a great game that everyone should play.

Tales of Vesperia

The only installment of the long-running Tales Of series to be exclusive to a Microsoft console, Tales of Vesperia was considered by many to be one of the stronger games in the aging series. The game had some interesting characters along with gorgeous anime cut scenes and the series? signature combat system that RPG fans love to take part in.

We won?t be seeing Tales of Besteria on the Xbox One anytime soon, so being able to play one of the older but better ones is a decent alternative.

Lost Odyssey

Old school but cool, Lost Odyssey was one of the few traditional JRPGs for the Xbox 360. While it was criticized a bit for it, most critics have positive things to say about Lost Odyssey, thanks to the game?s flashback sequences and memorable characters.

Sure, it has random battles and turn-based combat, but very few games have that anymore. It might not be a wise choice for newer fans curious about the genre, but veteran fans will dig it, especially if it has Xbox One backwards compatibility.

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