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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Far Cry 3 Gets The Treatment

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xbox one backwards compatibility
The official announcement. [Image from the Xbox Twitter]

Xbox One backwards compatibility just got a big win, as the console now supports the critically acclaimed Far Cry 3. Two games after it’s release, many still consider this one to be the best of the open-world Ubisoft series. Expect some PS4 owners to get jealous, as the game can now be played on Microsoft’s current-gen system.

Prior to this, fans had been demanding a Call of Duty game to get the backwards compatibility treatment. This might not be it, but it’s definitely not a consolation prize, as the game has won many awards. It might take some time before we see another new Far Cry game after Primal, so this should help.

A Far Cry Above The Rest

The game was confirmed for Xbox One backwards compatibility via the official Xbox Twitter page, so it is legitimate. While it’s not as visually impressive as Far Cry 4 or Primal, the third installment still has the best story. Fans still praise the game’s villain Vaas, who many feel was underutilized in the story, despite his strange charisma.

Others love the character arc of the protagonist in Far Cry 3, as the character goes from normal person to ruthless soldier. It’s pretty fascinating stuff and is still one of the best stories Ubisoft has made for their games. Gamers are still wondering when the company will produce a Far Cry game as good as this one.

More Quality Titles Ahead?

A lot of the titles given Xbox One backwards compatibility have been of high quality and Far Cry 3 is no exception. One could argue that Far Cry is the franchise it is now due to the success of this game. Admittedly, other games in the series have received praise, but they have yet to reach the greatness of the third game.

Interestingly enough, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was given the backwards compatibility treatment before the actual game. Blood Dragon was a fun standalone expansion that took the setting of the main game and added plenty of 80’s cheese. Though short, many did enjoy it and it’s good having both games be playable on the Xbox One.

Expect more 360 titles to get Xbox One backwards compatibility soon, as Microsoft usually waits for opportune moments to do so. Far Cry 3 is available now on Xbox One, but can also be played on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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