Xbox Live! Games on Demand to cost an arm and a leg (price comparison)

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Today was supposed to be a great day for Xbox Live! users as the new “SUMMER” dashboard update
was released to all connected Xbox 360s. For the most part the update has been well received and from what I have been seeing on Twitter and Facebook everyone seems to like the new features on Netflix and a ton of little tweaks to the UI for a more enjoyable experience. Now I for one love the Xbox 360 so please don’t think of this as a hate letter to Microsoft or the Xbox team. I am merely here to offer information to XBL users of a huge rip off (IMO) that is taking place right in from of our faces and that is the pricing of the games available on the new Game on Demand offering. I have never seen such a huge price difference in digital distribution vs retail pricing on any other platform. The following information is only here as a reference point and the prices are as of Aug. 11th and can change at any time from this point forward. I did a back and forth with XBL Games on Demand and for my comparison, so take this how you may.

Microsoft has comented on question’s concerning Games on Demand pricing:

No one retailer has the lowest pricing for every product, and our program is about giving people 24 x 7 convenience and selection when shopping for Xbox 360 games. We’re incredibly excited about what Games on Demand means for digital distribution, and will continue to evaluate and evolve the service to meet market and consumer demands.

O.K. now on to my price comparison list. The first price is the price on XBL and the second price are from Amazon.


Assasin’s Creed – 29.99 / 15.34
Battle Field: Bad Company – 19.99 / 11.94
Bio Shock – 29.99 / 13.99
Burnout Paradise – 19.99 / 13.79
Call of Duty 2 – 29.99 / 6.04
DDR/DS Universe – 29.99 / 5.94
Fight Night 3 – 19.99 / 5.90
Kameo – 19.99 / 6.50
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol – 29.99 / 19.85
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – 29.99 / 15.99
Mass Effect – 19.99 / 11.99
Meet the Robinsons – 29.99 / 5.50
MX vs. ATV: Untamed – 29.99 / 13.35
Need for Speed: Carbon – 19.99 / 8.59
Need for Speed Most Wanted – 19.99 / 14.99
Oblivion – 29.99 / 12.36
Perfect Dark Zero – 19.99 / 3.25
Prey – 19.99 / 1.81
Rainbow Six Vegas – 29.99 / 5.66
Ridge Racer 6 – 19.99 / 8.81
Rockstar Table tennis – 29.99 / 4.70
Sonic the Hedgehog – 19.99 / 5.99
Viva Pinata – 19.99 / 6.86
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise – 29.99 / 13.99

Well their you have it, now it’s up to you whether or not the GoD prices are worth the convenience or if you feel Microsoft needs to reevaluate their prices.

The prices I took from Amazon were not always the lowest prices. When I looked up the price of a game I looked for the lowest NEW or VERY GOOD conditioned titles.

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