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Xbox Live Games with Gold Update: See New Titles Here

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In case you haven?t been updated with the latest Xbox Live Games with Gold for June, now is the best time to look back on the titles and take advantage of them, before a new list of Games with Gold will arrive next month. If you look at the website, you?ll be able to see the complete list of the games that went gold for Xbox Live members. This June however, five more titles were spotted and they include ?XCOM: Enemy Unknown,? ?Super Meat Boy,? ?Costume Quest 2,? ?The Crew? and ?Goat Simulator.?

This week, Major Nelson revealed that three more titles on the Xbox Live Games with Gold have been released and they include ?Grand Theft Auto V,? ?Homefront: The Revolution? and ?King?s Quest: The Complete Collection.? For the Xbox 360 titles, the website announced that gamers can now download ?Grand Theft Auto V,? ?Dead Island? and ?Worms 2: Armageddon.?

The Xbox Live Games with Gold is just one of Microsoft?s many features for the Xbox platform. Another popular feature that really stands out is the Xbox One backwards compatibility. Here, players who currently play on the next gen Xbox One console will be able to play their favorite Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One. Provided that the Xbox 360 title has been developed for the backwards-compatible feature, previous owners of the title need not download them on their Xbox One; otherwise, they will need to visit the Xbox one Store and manually download the game from there. A recent report by TheBitBag also mentioned some few more titles mainly ?Halo Wars,? ?Forza Motorsport,? ?L.A Noire? and ?Final Fantasy 13.?

Take note that while Microsoft previously announced that they will not release their Xbox One backwards compatibility titles on a scheduled basis, gamers can be assured that the titles on the Xbox Live games with Gold will be revealed every month. Just make sure to take advantage of the games while they?re still free.

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