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Xbox Live Games with Gold Update: See the Latest Leaked Titles Coming this July

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For the past few months, Microsoft has been regularly releasing the latest on the XBox Live Games with Gold, but with the recent E3 2016 downplaying the announcement of upcoming Xbox One backwards compatibility titles, it?s natural for fans to predict what?s next in line for the Xbox Live Games with Gold. According to HofMag, some leaked information about Microsoft?s upcoming Games with Gold include ?Banner Saga 2? for the Xbox One console and ?Warriors Orochi 3?. For the Xbox 360 console, leaked information reveals that Tom Clancy?s ?Rainbow Siege Vegas 2? will arrive this July.

Some of the predictions about Xbox Live Games with Gold coming this July include ?Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? and ?FInal Fantasy 13.? Although none of these have been confirmed by Microsoft, their frequent appearances in events and announcements make them the most credible candidates to arrive in the feature.

Previously, TheBitBag made some bold predictions on what?s coming for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list this July, listing ?Red Dead Redemption? and ?Call of Duty: Black Ops II? as possible candidates. It?s not impossible and they will arrive; after all, the ?Red Dead Redemption? made a short stint on the Xbox One Store, giving the notion that it?s all set for the backwards-compatible feature.

Meanwhile, if you have been waiting for the ?Red Dead Redemption? to arrive on the XBox One backwards compatibility feature, it may take a while as Microsoft recently revealed why the game isn?t making it to the Xbox One feature. Apparently, some issues about licensing came up and they have to wait for the game developer to give the go signal and put up the game on the backwards compatible list.

Adding to the list of possible Xbox Live Games with Gold coming this July are ?Watch Dogs,? ?L.A. Noire,? ?Forza Motorsport 5? and ?Ryse: Son of Rome.? Do you have your own predictions of upcoming Xbox Live Games with Gold this July? Share us your thoughts here on and discover what?s in store for gamers this July.

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