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Xbox Live Down Imminent As Hackers Threaten Microsoft

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Hacker attacks have been a really big annoyance to online gamers in the past, taking down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in recent years. Now another group of hackers have claimed that they can take Xbox Live ?off the face of the Earth,? which can only mean bad things for Microsoft and fans of the company?s games.

The heads in Microsoft should come up with a safety measure after the threat was made in Newsweek. Apparently they?re doing this so that major companies can have better network security.

Microsoft has to take Xbox Live down for a while and make some big improvements to the network?s security to ensure a better experience for online gamers. While taking Xbox Live down for maintenance sounds extreme, the company might not have much of a choice given previous hack attacks in the past. Calling the FBI for help might do them some good, but the company will also have to protect itself so that the hackers can stay away from Xbox Live.

Currently, Xbox Live has a thriving environment with titles like Halo 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 adding tons of fun for those who like to have intense multiplayer matches. Fans can also purchase digital titles through Xbox Live, some of which are ?deluxe? editions that have special extras in them.

Pre-ordering the digital version of Quantum Break, for example, will give players a free code for the Windows 10 version of the game. Those who choose to pre-order Dark Souls 3 can get a backwards-compatible version of the original Dark Souls.

Admittedly, we?re in the age of the Internet, so anyone can make threats to a major corporation these days. That said, the previous hack attacks were pretty grave, so Microsoft may want to take these threats seriously and beef up their online security. If not, they?ll have a lot of upset customers to handle.

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