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Xbox Games With Gold June 2017 Release Details And What To Expect

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xbox games with gold june 2017
Xbox Games with Gold has an interesting release date. [Image from Xbox]

Microsoft hasn’t fully released the Xbox Games with Gold June 2017 lineup, except Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Per usual, the company will release three to four games for subscribers, all of which are compatible with Xbox One. One or two of them will be Xbox 360 games that have the backwards compatibility function, which is always great.

Guessing the June titles is a bit tricky, since Microsoft likes to release AAA titles, with a few indie gems. Compare this to the PlayStation Plus system, which is almost always indie titles and it’s easy to see what’s better. That’s not to say indie games are bad, which they aren’t, but having more mainstream titles makes customers stay longer.

First Week Releases

Expect titles from the Xbox Games with Gold June 2017 lineup to be in the first week of the month. Some of them will be available for the whole month, while others will only be there for two weeks. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the exception, which debuted in mid-May and will be available till June 15.

It wouldn’t hurt for Xbox One owners to pick up the titles, since they’re already paying for the service monthly. Sure, some of them might not be good, but they’re all worth a try so there’s no reason to not add them. At the least, keep them in the game’s library and try them out in the future when there’s free time.

Mid-Month Releases

Like the aforementioned Temple of Osiris, some games will be available in the middle of the month till the next month. Players can take more time with this, since they will likely be available in June 16 till July 15. That’s a lot of time to try a game or simply add it to their library, so always take the option when it’s there.

Oddly enough, some of the titles that appear mid-month are only available till the end of the month. Currently, Lego Star Wars is available from May 16 until May 31, so expect similar releases in June. That’s a tad bit disappointing for some, but like PS Plus, you just need to add it to your library and it’s yours till you stop subscribing.

Expect Major Nelson or Microsoft to announce the Xbox Games with Gold June 2017 lineup soon, since May ends next week. Major Nelson usually announces the lineup on the third week of the month, or the 20th of each month onward, so a reveal this week is likely. As usual, expect a number of quality games, some for Xbox One and others as backwards compatible 360 games.

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