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Xbox Games with Gold January 2017 Predictions: What Fans Want for the New Year

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Xbox Games with Gold January 2017

There are only 10 days left before the end of December. So far, Xbox gamers have been enjoying the Xbox Games with Gold free games offering for this month. Games like Outlast and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition have been offered for the Xbox One for the whole month of December. Meanwhile, on the Xbox 360, Outland was offered until the 15th of December. After that, Burnout Paradise is available for free download until the end of this month. For January 2017, Xbox gamers want more than just the standard monthly game offerings from Microsoft.

Still on top of the January 2017 Xbox Games with Gold free games lineup is the Watchdogs. Because of the success of the sequel, Watchdogs 2, more subscribers believe the prequel will make it in next month?s lineup.

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Also on the Xbox One, Mad Max seems like a good choice for a free title. Just like Watchdogs, this game is also an open world type of game that many seem to enjoy these days. Mad Max follows the adventures of Max Rockatansky as he traverses a barren wasteland in search for revenge. He is accompanied by his trusty assistant, Chumbucket, aboard his road monster, the Magnum Opus.

On the other hand, Xbox 360 gamers expect a few more titles than expected for January 2017 Xbox Games with Gold. Initial lineup includes Ironman 2 and Sniper Elite V2. While these games deserve to be on the list, some gamers have other things in mind.

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For instance, it would seem that gamers are praying to the lord of gaming to grant them Skyrim for January 2017. This is due to the fact that Bethesda Software just released the definitive edition of the game recently.

Another game that has been added on the lineup for the Xbox 360 is Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. These two games have been on the Xbox Store for more than two years now. So far, none of these games made it into the Xbox 360 consoles. That is why many Xbox 360 owners are expecting these to come to their consoles next month.

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