Xbox Games With Gold Free Games April 2017 Predictions

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Xbox Games With Gold April 2017 Predictions

There are still a few days left before April officially kicks in. However, that does not stop anyone from dreaming of what they will be getting next month on their consoles. While March have been quite well for Xbox gamer so far, many are still hopeful that Microsoft will continue providing good quality games on the Xbox Games with Gold program.

Last month, like in any other month, Xbox gamers got two games for Xbox One and two for the Xbox 360. The lineup includes Layers of Fear, Evolve, Borderlands 2, and Heavy Weapon. Though Microsoft has yet to announce next month’s lineup, many gamers are hoping they can get the following game titles on their consoles.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

There is no denying that this Lord of the Rings prequel is getting all the hype right now. Perhaps the main reason is the fact that a new sequel is scheduled to be released sometime in August. Including this title in the roster will definitely increase sales on the upcoming sequel.

Xbox Games With Gold April 2017 Predictions

MIddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (via

Shadow Warrior

A good title for anyone seeking a fill for their thirst for violence. While the game is reminiscent of the old Duke Nukem game, Shadow Warrior is still a nice addition to next month’s list. Gamers can live the life of modern ninja mercenary Lo Wang as he battles a horde of demonic beings.

Syberia 2

For a bit of adventure and forward thinking, there is Syberia 2. This puzzler game will start everyone thinking and sharpening their problem solving skills with an array of exciting puzzles. The sequel picks up where the original game left off. Follow the adventures of Kate Walker as she accompanies an eccentric inventor from Russia.

South Park: Stick of Truth

Just for laughs, perhaps Microsoft can include an older South Park game in the roster. Since a new South Park game is already in the works, having the Stick of Truth for next month will surely entertain everyone.

These are just some of the predicted games for next month’s Xbox Games with Gold. These are by no means correct and may change anytime. For more updates on Xbox Games with Gold, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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