Xbox Games With Gold September 2016: Underappreciated Sequels Microsoft Might Give Away

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Xbox Games with Gold

As usual, Xbox Games With Gold will give out free games for their premium service subscribers this September. However, no official announcements yet have been issued about the Xbox Games with Gold lineup for next month. Since the latter half of 2016 will have a ton of large releases, here are some underappreciated sequels that Microsoft may give away.

Dark Souls 2

The second entry in the Dark Souls trilogy might be a good pick for Xbox Games with Gold this September due to its good PvP system. According to Halvanhelev?s thread in the Dark Souls 2 Reddit, Dark Souls 2 has a flexible stat system that?ll accommodate players in PvP. In terms of balancing, the first Dark Souls has a great map design, while Dark Souls 3 improved mostly on its systems but didn?t exactly provide a unique experience. If Dark Souls 2 makes it to the free games lineup next month, it could get players to add ranks to its community again. Alternatively, players can simply enjoy the solitary experience of the game?s campaign.

Assassin?s Creed Unity

This Assassin?s Creed entry may have been the real catalyst for Ubisoft to take a break from the series due to its serious game-breaking glitches. The problems in the game included faces that would suddenly disappear, with only the eyes and teeth left, falling in the ground, and NPCs having erratic or odd paths and placement. These discouraged players from buying Assassin?s Creed Unity as the game-breaking bugs not only hampered the player?s immersion in the story but also affected the overall game experience. However, the game has already been fixed and ?a full year has passed since the game?s dismal start. Microsoft could include it in the Xbox Games With Gold lineup for September so players can take a shot at the game again and test its quality without the game-breaking bugs.

Modern Warfare 2

Activision and Infinity Ward?s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has become slightly relevant recently due to the game?s recent leak on the Xbox One online platform. Fans of the series may be surprised if they could play Modern Warfare 2 again via Xbox Games with Gold while they?re waiting for the upcoming Modern Warfare Remaster with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Additionally, Call of Duty games are highly in demand in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility system, so Modern Warfare 2 should be a good title to include in Games With Gold.

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