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Xbox Games with Gold September 2016: Free Xbox One Game “Earthlock: Festival Of Magic” Announced

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Xbox Games With Gold

Recently, Microsoft?s Larry ?Major Nelson Hryb announced that Earthlock: Festival of Magic, an indie RPG game from Snowcastle Games, will be included in the Xbox Games with Gold lineup this September 2016. This game may be a treat for turn-based RPG fans as it features an adventure in which the protagonists will have to explore and fight their way to their goals. Additionally, the other Xbox Games with Gold titles this September will also be announced this coming week

According to Major Nelson?s site, Earthlock Festival of Magic from Snowcastle Games will be free to download for Xbox One players on September 1. The game is part of the Xbox Games with Gold library this September so subscribers ought to get it as soon as it becomes available on the store. The game will also be released on PS4, Wii U, and on PC.

According to Gameinformer?s review, Earthlock Festival of Magic has a deep combat system in which player characters can opt to switch stances to do significantly different things in battle. More than its combat system, players will have to fix the world of Umbra which has stopped rotating thus leaving one side in perpetual day and the other in continuous night.

Currently, the Xbox One console doesn?t have much RPG games in its library. Most RPGs on the Xbox One are from western AAA companies like Bethesda?s Fallout 4, and CD Projekt RED?s The Witcher 3.

With the recent delay of Final Fantasy 15, players can try out this free Xbox One game as an alternative. The Xbox One hasn?t seen much RPGs with turn-based battle systems so this game might be worth a shot to try out some old-school adventure experience. While turn-based combat systems may be considered old and stiff, the strict paced and tactical edge of this battle system often makes it fun for some players wanting some challenge.

Meanwhile, Major Nelson has confirmed that the other Xbox Games with Gold will be announced this week. Players can opt to wait on Larry Hryb?s official Twitter for more updates for the free game service.

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