Xbox Games With Gold, PS Plus Free Games December 2016 Preditions

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December is just around the corner and gamers are already waiting for their freebies for that month. So, without further ado, here are the free games on Xbox Games with Gold and PS Plus come December 2016.

Let us start with Xbox Games with Gold. Microsoft recently announced the official list of its free games next month. It includes games categorized as survival horror, deadly martial arts and a racing game. Here, check out the official list of games as well as their availability.

  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – Available from December 1-31 on Xbox One
  • Outlast – Available from December 1-15 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Outland – Available from December 16-31 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Burnout Paradise – Available from December 16-31 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

As of this writing, these are just the games confirmed by Microsoft to be included in the Xbox free games for December. Now, let us proceed with the PS Plus free games next month. Unfortunately, Sony has not revealed yet its freebies for December. But, here are some speculated games to be included in the list.

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The first video game predicted to be free next month is Knack. The game was originally released in 2013 and it is a great game for kids and the whole family. As a result, there are speculations that Sony is going to add this game on PS Plus free games next month.

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Now, it can be recalled that during the previous months, Sony included first-person shooter titles in its list of free games. The upcoming month is expected to be the same and Wolfenstein: The New Order could be the one to arrive next month.

Furthermore, rumor has it that a new Wolfenstein game will hit the stores next year. Should that be the case, including The New Order in the free games next month is a good way of promoting its upcoming sequel.

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Lastly, Saints Row IV: Re-elected is one of the most famous games predicted to arrive on PS Plus next month. Speculations are also claiming that even the DLCs of the game will be included. Although it has not been confirmed by Sony yet, still, it is something to be excited for.

For now, take all these information about PS Plus free games with a grain of salt. For Xbox Games with Gold, on the other hand, those were confirmed by Microsoft so those are guaranteed. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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