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Xbox Games With Gold June 2016: Two New Titles Now Available!

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Xbox Games with Gold

Microsoft has done a stellar job with their Xbox Games with Gold lineup, regularly getting titles that have gotten fans excited. Sadly, fans are going to have to say goodbye to one game this month, while two equally good games will be taking its place.

That one game is Super Meatboy, according to Major Nelson. The ridiculously challenging platformer was free to download for Xbox Live subscribers from June 1 till June 15, so for those who have yet to get the game, it?s about time to say goodbye to the acclaimed title. ?

While Super Meatboy will be leaving, two new Xbox Games with Gold titles will be added: The Crew and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Crew will be available on June 16 and will be available until July 15. XCOM will also be available for download on June 16, but only till June 30.

Making XCOM: Enemy Unknown one of the free games may be a brilliant move on the part of Microsoft, since 2K Games recently announced that XCOM 2 will be coming to current-gen consoles. Since the PS4 has no backwards compatibility, it seems like Xbox One owners have lucked out, as they will be able to play the first game on their current-gen console until the sequel arrives.

Goat Simulator is still around for those who want to play a game that is both light and ridiculous. This ?simulator? of sorts became available on June 1 and is playable until June 30, so fans have until the end of the month to do crazy things with their goat.

All of these titles have gotten positive reviews in the past and are pretty good choices to be part of Xbox Games with Gold. Microsoft has always done a better job than Sony when it comes to free games, though the PS4 does have NBA 2K16 and Gone Home this month, so it seems the company is stepping up.

Fans have until the end of the month to download XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Goat Simulator as part of the Xbox Games with Gold program. The Crew will be around till July 15, so there is plenty of time to finish your games so you can allot enough storage space to download the title.

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