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Xbox Games With Gold July 2016: Red Dead Redemption Confirmed In Xbox Store With Backwards Compatibility?

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Red Dead Redemption 2

We?re nearing the first week of July and that means Microsoft will be handing out a new selection of free games to premium subscribers soon. Aside from the free games, it seems that the library of Xbox One backwards-compatible titles will also expand soon. A new leak suggests that one of the titles in the Xbox Games with Gold for July 2016, which will also get backwards compatibility support, is the timeless classic, Red Dead Redemption.

Redditors recently discovered that the page of Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox Store has been updated. The new details on the page revealed that Rockstar?s instant hit will be playable on the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio.

Also adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that the game was recently playable using the Xbox One Preview program. Because of this, many believe that it is very likely that it?ll make it to the Xbox Games With Gold in July or in the following months to come.

Fans have been asking for the game to have backwards compatibility since Microsoft introduced the feature way back. Oddly enough, Microsoft is taking a long time in releasing the classic especially after the request of fans. Is it possible that Microsoft is waiting for the right moment to release the game with backwards compatibility?

There?s no doubt that fans were disappointed with Red Dead Redemption 2?s absence during E3 2016. Months of speculation of a rumor and a remaster, the E3 2016 stage was not graced with any news regarding the game.

There is a possibility that Microsoft is just waiting for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 before releasing the prequel with backwards compatibility. Fans who have yet to play the first title may be given the chance to do so in the Xbox One sometime soon as all clues lead up to it happening eventually.


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