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Xbox Games With Gold July 2016: Next Batch Releases This Week

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Xbox Games with Gold

July’s Xbox Games with Gold is the usual high quality Microsoft has provided in the past, and it looks like a pretty good month for those who own the current-gen console from Microsoft. Thanks to backwards compatibility, all of these games will be available on the Xbox One, while those with an Xbox 360 still have two quality titles to play.

Xbox gamers have enjoyed both The Banner Saga 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 since the start of July. While The Banner Saga 2 will still be available to download until July 31, Rainbow Six Vegas will no longer be available on the 15th.

Two new titles will be available this week. Xbox One gamers will be able to download Tumblestone from July 16 to Aug. 15. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 users will be able to download Tron: Uprising from July 16 till the end of the month. Tron: Uprising was a tie-in game to the Tron: Legacy film and was pretty unremarkable, though curious gamers can always try it out if they want to.

Tumblestone is one of the more acclaimed indie puzzle games in recent memory, so giving it away for free for a month is a good move on the part of Microsoft, as it just came out a few days ago and will be available this week. It’s easy to write off puzzle games as clones of other titles, but this one mixes action and match-3 gameplay well.

Banner Saga 2 is still an Xbox Game with Gold

It is still pretty surprising to see The Banner Saga 2 get offered by Microsoft, since the strategy RPG became a day one release free game for subscribers. Those on PS4 were able to play it a few days late as it became available on their console on July 5.

Fans will be able to enjoy these Xbox Games with Gold titles this week. Most of these games are quality titles ? aside from the Tron tie-in game ? and should be enjoyed by Xbox One gamers everywhere, now that they are available.

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