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Xbox Games With Gold July 2016: Great Indie Games Microsoft Hasn’t Given Away Yet

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Xbox Games with Gold

The Xbox Games with Gold program has done a good job of showcasing some great titles, which is why some fans consider it better than PlayStation Plus. However, one thing PlayStation Plus does better than the aforementioned Games with Gold is the sheer amount of indie games that get chosen as free.

While some would argue that the use of more mainstream titles is why the Xbox Games with Gold subscription service is better than PlayStation Plus, there?s no denying that there are indie games that innovate in ways that mainstream titles don?t. Without further ado, here are some indie games that should be brought into the Games with Gold program in the coming months.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight has managed to mix gameplay elements from Mega Man, Castlevania and Duck Tales while still feeling like its own game. It?s one of the rare indie games that managed to form its own identity instead of being billed as a spiritual successor to an old series, like Mighty No. 9.

Sporting some detailed 2D graphics and difficult levels, Shovel Knight is the type of game NES and SNES owners miss daily. Add all of the free updates the game has had so far and you have one of the best retro tributes out right now.

Nova 111

An interesting mix of space exploring and turn-based movement, Nova 111 might be the perfect candidate for the Xbox Games with Gold program. It?s very unique, and the colorful graphics would brighten anyone?s day.

Beneath the cute visuals is a very strategic game that demands to be played seriously. It?s very different and is something Xbox One owners will want to check out. The game also appeared as a free PS Plus game.

The Binding of Isaac

Possibly the darkest indie game of all time, The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike dungeon explorer filled with gory images and crying fetuses. It?s scary and odd, but also intriguing and addictive like most games of the roguelike genre.

Gaining a huge fan base in recent years, The Binding of Isaac got an Afterbirth expansion that made the game even more addictive than before. It?s an experience fans shouldn?t miss, making it perfect for the Xbox Games with Gold program.

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