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Xbox Games With Gold July 2016: Best PlayStation Plus Free Games Microsoft Should Also Give Away

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Xbox Games With Gold

With just a few days left before June ends, Microsoft will soon announce new titles for their Xbox Games With Gold July 2016 offering. With an average free games lineup from Microsoft this month, many are eager to know if Microsoft will step it up next month.

Sony also gives away titles to their subscribers via the PlayStation Plus free games program. A number of notable games have been given away by Sony and it?s probably time for Microsoft to honor them.


Sony?s PlayStation Plus April 2016 lineup offered Zombi for free. The survival-horror first-person shooter is developed by Ubisoft and is set in London. The game features a ?permanent death? mechanic which forces players to be careful in approaching each area they venture in. ?

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

This is an action role-playing game with a tough as nails difficulty, like most roguelike titles. Isaac, the game?s protagonist, continues his journey and finds treasures that completely change him. With superpowers, Isaac fights mysterious creatures and uncovers secrets at the same time.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

This version of Resident Evil 5 comes with two extra episodes featuring series veterans Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. The game comes with extra content and customization options such as costumes. The complete Resident Evil 5 story is playable in both online and local co-op. The game can also be enjoyed solo.

This game is considered as one of the best Resident Evil games because of its enjoyable co-op. While this game is widely despised by fans for straying away from Resident Evil?s survival horror roots, many will surely enjoy it especially because of its enjoyable couch co-op. Microsoft should definitely consider including it in their Xbox Games with Gold July 2016 lineup.

The company has been improving the service and offering good games every month, making Xbox fans happy. No official statement regarding the free games for July is available yet, but we can expect Microsoft to announce their July 2016 lineup before the month ends.

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