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Xbox Games With Gold: Free Title Will Be Discontinued Next Year

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Xbox One gamers looking to lose a few pounds or just be fit overall will soon have a harder time in doing so as Xbox Fitness will soon be unavailable. As part of the Xbox Games With Gold program, Xbox Fitness is a free title that players could get without spending anything aside from extra content in-game.

Starting today, Xbox One owners can no longer purchase extra content for Xbox Fitness from the Xbox Store. According to Microsoft, it had to begin withdrawing support from the title as it plans on moving forward with its other plans. Since its release, Xbox Fitness has been regularly updated by Microsoft with new content, meaning it had to use up valuable resources to keep the support steady.

Players still have a year?s worth of exercising though as Xbox Fitness won?t be removed from Xbox Games With Gold and taken off consoles in one fell swoop. Microsoft has released their plans for the title.

Starting today, the game can still be downloaded from the Xbox Store, but those who don?t have the game?s additional content won?t have access to it any longer, since all add-on content will be removed from the Xbox Store. This means all new players can get is the base Xbox Fitness title.

On December 15 later this year, Xbox Fitness will lose its Free With Gold status. ?Until then, Gold members will still be able to access and play the over 30+ workouts available for streaming as a part of this offer for free,? stated Microsoft.

Lastly, on July 1 next year, Xbox Fitness will no longer be available on the Xbox Store. This includes the game and all of its content. This also means that current owners of the title will no longer have access to it despite purchasing the game prior to its removal. Regardless of what the player has spent on the title, the game will be unavailable a year from now.

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