Xbox Games with Gold August 2016: Play ?Beyond Good & Evil HD? for Free to Prepare for Sequel Release

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Your Xbox Games with Gold ?for August 2016 are Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and WWE 2K16 for Xbox One and Spelunky and Beyond Good & Evil HD for Xbox 360. It is good to note that these Xbox 360 games are playable using your Xbox One. Check this article for their download windows.

Now, I would like to zoom in on one of these Xbox Games with Gold this August 2016 and that is Beyond Good & Evil HD. This game has been critically acclaimed but was a commercial failure. It is a game of the action-adventure genre that was first developed and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and GameCube.

Yes, it was in 2003. It is old but it might give you a good kick especially that Beyond Good & Evil 2, its sequel, is reportedly in the works. So, you get the first part for FREE. Well, as long as you keep on with your Xbox Gold subscription. A full HD re-master was out in 2011 and this is the version that you will get.

Now, for the game.

Beyond Good & Evil HD

In the game, you control Jade. She?s an investigative reporter and a martial artist who is trying to uncover and reveal a planet-wide conspiracy. Jade and her allies (also characters you can control) live in a planet called Hillys, in a remote section of the galaxy. In the planet, a military dictatorship rules. The dictatorship is called Alpha Sections and they vow to defend the planet.

But as some new threat emerges, the Alpha Sections seem to be powerless against it despite assurances. This new threat is from the DomZ, aliens ?who are terrorizing the citizens with abductions. They would either make them slaves or drain their life force.

Jade and her companions in a resistant movement, IRIS Network, suspect that the Alpha Sections and DomZ are working together. They turn out to be correct.

The game, again, has gained positive reviews without much commercial success. Ricardo Torres? review on GameSpot in 2003 stated that the game has a polished gameplay, strong visuals and a cool story. Now, that it is out for free as one of the Xbox Games with Gold in August 2016 plus Beyond Good & Evil 2 is coming out, this game is steal.

Check some gameplay footage below.

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