Xbox 360’s Turn To Release Titanfall’s Marked for Death Mode

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Respawn Entertainment made a recent announcement about the launching of the Marked for Death Mode for the Xbox 360 next week. The Marked for Death mode was released for the PC and Xbox One last month.

  • Game of Four

The Marked for Death is the first mode of the Game of Four patches. The new modes will be inserted into the game while at the same time old modes are removed. Each new mode can be played for a short time.

  • Mode Mechanics

In this mode, a player on each team is marked to be killed. The team must kill the marked player of the enemy team while at the same time protecting their marked team mate. This mode is similar to ?capture the flag? except no flag is being carried back into the base.

  • New Burn Cards

The Marked for Death Modes will include 14 new Burn cards. These kinds of cards generally increase the effectiveness of the titan?s weapons. In case a player dies while in pilot mode, the cards will not disappear but can be used again after the player respawns or comes back to the game. An active burn card indicator will be placed beside the health indicator of the titan.

  • Insignias

Insignias will be given to titan pilots who attained certain accomplishments. Players who complete the challenges will be given various insignias.

  • Matchmaking

In order to make sure that the team matches are balanced in terms of skills and numbers, the matchmaking mechanics have been improved. This will make the matches more exciting and fun to play. With regards to OS voices, two new more were added, Jeeves and Lisa. The Old titan Voice, ?Lisa? will take a leave.

  • Adjusted Weapons

Among the various weapons refined by the patch update is the Hemlok. Its recoil is horrible and spends too much ammo just to defeat an enemy titan.

The Game

Respawn Entertainment and BluePoint Games are the creators and developers of Titanfall. Respawn is responsible for the game in the Xbox One platform while BluePoint is responsible for the Xbox 360 platform. The Titanfall game is developed for the Xbox platforms and Windows PC.

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