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Xbox 360 Owners Surprised to Receive $75 Incentive from Microsoft

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Xbox is a console that has since fallen on hard times. While it enjoyed dominance over others with the release of the Xbox 360, with the One, it isn?t doing quite that good. There are gamers who said that they won?t want to buy one; others, though, are still going to go ahead and pick up a unit. Despite the bad press, however, Xbox is rewarding their loyal market.

There is the tale of that one gamer who booted up his Xbox 360 console and was surprised to receive a rebate of $75. That?s a really big amount there, considering all you need to do is get up from your couch, walk over to your nearest game store, and pick up one of those shiny new Xbox Ones raring to be unboxed in the comfort of your living room.

Microsoft was willing to pay $75 for Xbox 360 owners to pick up one of their Xbox One units. It effectively slashes the price of the Xbox One to just about $325 from $400. However, depending on whether you?re going to use that amount to get games or add peripherals, which does remain to be seen.

In this article from, a user of the Xbox 360 booted up his own, and was greeted by a message that thanked him for all the years of being a loyal Xbox user. As a way of their thanks, the message said, they were giving him a $75 promotional code. The promotional code was good for purchasing either a stand-alone or a bundle console from the Microsoft Store or from the local retailer. The code can also be used on other things such as games, add-ons for the console, and movies. A link was also supplied along with the ad.

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The standing condition for this, though, was to purchase and activate an Xbox One console from 12:00AM of the 7th to 11:59PM of the 31st of July (Pacific Time). This $75 credit will then be sent to the One?s message center by August 15. The buyer can use it to buy products until October of 2015 and has until the 15th of October this year to redeem it. If you can recall, a lot of games are scheduled to be released on October of this year, and the timing of this promotion is just perfect for Xbox One.

The said user was living in Canada, and had already bought an Xbox One. The message, however, stated that the promo was good only for the US and D.C.

Microsoft, when asked for a reply, confirmed that the promo was sent by them and is clearly not a hoax. A representative cleared out further that the promo was good for Xbox users living in the U.S, Canada, and the U.K.

Microsoft also stated that they are always on the lookout to bring promotions like this and others to their consumers. As of right now, though, Microsoft said that they had nothing further to share and add.

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