Xbox 360 HD-DVD Predictions For CES

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These aren’t rumors but predictions. If Microsoft is truly adding an HD-DVD player to their next Xbox 360 SKU, what are their plans for the player? I’m sure it’s not to just allow movie playback on the 360. I can assure you that if developers have access to the technology, they are going to start using it for games. This is one of the advantages the Playstation 3 has had from the start. Plus there are other factors involved here:

  • The Xbox HD-DVD player is just an add-on and it’s not a fully functional player. It needs an Xbox 360 or a PC for full use and therefore it is currently overpriced and will be dropped to $99.
  • Microsoft just released an HD-DVD emulator for it’s developers. With this announcement, the rumor of the ‘Ultimate Xbox’ holds some weight.
  • Games for the HD-DVD won’t be released until late summer or fall. Not including the HD-DVD in the older boxes means consumers will have to purchase one to play the new HD-DVD games. This gives plenty of time for consumers to pick up the cheap add-on drives and also increase market share.
  • The first HD-DVD game may be included in an HD-DVD bundle to make it easier for consumers to buy into the technology. Gears Of War 2 anyone?
  • They just announced the 51gb spec for HD-DVD

Those are my predictions. We’ll find out next week if any of this comes to light.

[update]? It’s just disc space. If they start releasing HD-DVD games then they would have DVD and HD-DVD versions of the games. You know how World Of Warcraft comes in a DVD and CD version? Well imagine Gears Of War 2 on a single HD-DVD or 2 DVD’s. It would give the consumer the convenience of playing on one disk. That’s as far as I see this going unless they plan on giving the HD-DVD drives for $10 bucks with the game. I don’t know, that’s why I posted it as a prediction.

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