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Xbox 2 Project Scorpio News & Release Date: Find Out Why It Is The Most Powerful Console To Date

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At the present time, the Xbox gaming console has been overdue for a major update. Fortunately, Microsoft?s Phil Spencer hinted that the Xbox 2 Project Scorpio is scheduled to be released next year. It appears that Xbox fans will just have to hold on to their horses a little longer before Microsoft releases the gaming console which will blow any present console out of the water.

The Microsoft Xbox 2 Project Scorpio

Many have been waiting for any information about the?Microsoft Xbox 2 Project Scorpio or simply Xbox Scorpio release date. The head of Xbox confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio will soon be upon us. And of course, Spencer stated that it will have features that are never seen in any of the previous gaming consoles in history.

Microsoft Xbox 2 Project Scorpio Graphics


Thanks to Xbox Scorpio?s powerful GPU, it will be able to run games in native 4K resolution. Most consumers, especially the console gamers are excited to see games running in 4K. Compared to the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox 2 Project Scorpio will run games in native 4K.

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Hence, it would have better visuals and will immerse the players into the game even more. Speaking of which, one of the most awaited thing in Microsoft?s upcoming device is the Xbox Scorpio VR. Despite being available on other consoles, Xbox fans would be delighted as Xbox Scorpio is believed to be far more powerful.

In addition to visuals and VR-compatibility, Xbox Scorpio is going to perform a lot better given its new powerful hardware. Obviously, great visuals are not the only thing that is important when it comes to gaming. Fortunately, it is believed that Xbox Scorpio would be able to output more than 60 frames per second at native 4K. This is far more superior than PlayStation 4?s upscaled 4K 30 frames per second.

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Xbox Scorpio Price

According to Spencer, the gaming console is priced between $500 to $600. Apparently, Spencer also previously stated that it would be cheaper than the high-end machines released today. However, given its capabilities, it would obviously be priced higher than any of the current gaming consoles.

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