X-Rumors: Playstation 3 Price Drop Imminent This Spring

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I just got info from an industry insider that the Playstation 3 may very well be dropping in price this March or April. This is kind of what Torrence predicted a few Warzone episodes ago. Now the info states that the price drop is going to be $100. I talked with Torrence and he said, “no company has ever done a $100 dollar drop when they were selling well” This IS an X-Rumor, but take it with a grain of salt and stay posted for more info! Here are some more funny quotes from Torrence. I got him really heated up with this rumor:

tordavis says: ok
tordavis says: oh shit
tordavis says: wtf
tordavis says: all they need is 50

tordavis says: no way they will go $100 cuz if they do they will be in the red again.

tordavis says: 740K sold in december
tordavis says: why drop the price????

tordavis says: but they are already making money!

tordavis says: $50 this year, $50 next year
tordavis says: there’s your 100

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