X-Rumors 6/2/09!!! Theres no place like HOME.

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Wow!! Yesterday was awesome but I have a feeling today will be EPIC!!! As HipHopGamer would say “BY THE GODS!!!!” Today starts the 1st official day of E3 and with that being said you might want to head over to PlayStation Home to watch the live stream of the Sony press conference. This should be interesting seeing as this is the 1st time anything like this has been done on a console. If you own a PS3 and do not have digital cable access you might want to get inside of PSHome early!!! If any of you all go to PSHome to watch it let me know what was the experience like. All comments are well come.

I would imagine that yesterday you were probably asking yourself ” Man!!!! Microsoft really blew my mind. I wonder can Sony bring it just as hard?…. I asked this question yesterday to someone at E3 on twitter. “With all the Microsoft has shown today do you think Sony will be able to overcome?” 10min latter I got this reply. “Sony press conference will definitely over come MS press conference.” This same statement came from an insider at E3.This same statement seems to echo in the halls of E3 by other insiders as well. Word on the street is that a some very well known characters that are loved by every man, woman, and child the world over may make an appearance today.

Here’s two clues. These beloved characters were joined with some of the most epic characters in video game history. The other clue is “Magic”.

Lets see if this comes true. Remember take this as a grain of salt.

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