X-Rumors 6/2/09!! Is Mass Effect 2 Exclusive to 360?

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There is some major buzz going around that Sony has something else up their sleeve planned for today!! You thought they were done after their awesome press conference on yesterday? Think again. The word from E3 is that something HUGE is coming to the PS3. As to what it could be is not for certain but there is a rumor going around that Mass Effect 2 may be the game. Remember, at the Microsoft press conference Mass Effect was not apart of the 10 games that were exclusive to the console. It’s already been confirmed that MGS: Rising is coming to the PS3. If Sony were to get Mass Effect 2 that would be major!!!…or would it? Who knows. It may not be Mass Effect 2. It could be something bigger!!!……

Tell me what you guys think.

Well I’m off to watch FF7: Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray.

Some news on this unannounced Sony title should kick off tonight between 7pm-8pm EST. It could be sooner.

Weapon X out

……I wonder when we will be able to get a demo of GOD OF WAR 3?

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