X-RUMORS 5/5/09: Prototype Gets New Release Date?

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Edit: Prototype still confirmed for June 9th. Source

Rumors! Rumors! Rumors! They just won’t stop coming. In the latest batch of rumors Prototype maybe moving into the Batman:Arkham Asylum slot due to the recent change in events this past week. It seems that since Eidos wants to keep the Dark Knight in his cave one more month Prototype may move into the June 23 time frame to pick up some sure fire blockbuster sales. The original date for Prototype is slated for June 9th. but it could be subjected to change. Batman: Arkham Asylum is set for a release sometime this July.

News of the popular Skype service coming to the PS3 broke a little over a week ago. After doing some digging this rumor might just come to light. If Sony is to acquire the Skype service this could solve some major issues with the PSN. With Skype, players would be able to have party chats, friends across all games, and finally have the voice chat option we have been waiting for. Some of those options sound a little to familiar. For now this is just a rumor. If Sony does not get Skype don’t worry about it. Sony is already working on a solution to bring us the options we so badly want.

Could Sony really be planing a price drop for E3?!!!

Over the past three months there have been some major promotions going on for anybody looking to get a PS3 or upgrade to one. At one major retailer, GameStop, promotions for Sony’s black box have been running ramped. First they were giving away a 50 dollar gift card with the purchase of any PS3 for the past 2 months. Not a bad deal right? Well now it seems that they have gone one step further. If you trade in a PS2 and 3 games equaling over 2 bucks in trade in value you can save 100 dollars off a brand new 80gig PS3!! I know, I know. This is old news but seeing as how it just happened one can only wonder. First 50 dollars and now a whopping 100 dollars off. I’ll just go on the record and say a 100 dollar price drop will happen at E3. Well, maybe but don’t take my word for it.

Sony Finally Getting Some solid RPGs?!!!

Microsoft is the king right now when it comes to RPGs but Sony may finally get its day in the sun. We all know that White Knight Chronicles, Cross Edge, and Demon Souls are coming. I just wonder what are the guys at Atlus working on these days? Persona 5 perhaps. Word also has it that Sony maybe working on another Legend of Dragoon. We will all have to wait and see what E3 brings.

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Remember everything stated is just a rumor so take it with a grain of salt.

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