X-Rumors 08/13/09

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So whats has been going on in the industry lately? If you have been asking yourself this question than you are in the right place. I have all the rumors and more for all of you out there so stay tuned.

Well there is no secret that Sony has been the talk of the town lately with GamesCon just around the corner. We have heard everything from prices drops to backwards compatibility making a return to the PS3 and let’s not forget the reveal of the PS3 slim. The only news we haven’t heard is about the PSP. I wonder what’s going on with that? Well rumor has it that Sony is going to release an Assassins Creed bundle this fall for the PSP which will feature the new game Assassins Creed Bloodline. If all holds true this bundle could be released around the 17th of November. This would be the same day that Assassins Creed 2 to comes out. There is no word on what yet on what would come in the bundle other than the usual 2gig memory stick. All I can say is the more people I get to assassinate the better.

Is there anybody other waiting on the release of GT5 like I am?!! This game can’t come out soon enough. Most sites right know are pointing to a December release but this may not be the case. As of right now the rumored release date in February 3, 2010. That’s right guys. We may have to wait just a little while longer to get our fix. Thank God for GT mobile(psp) and Forza Motor Sports 3(XB360).

Do any of you guy’s remember the RPG Legend Of Dragoon for the PS1? Well if so then you might want to know that a remake of the game maybe in the works for the PS3 as well as a relaunch of the game on the PSN!!! Sony please! I’m begging you. Please release this game!! WE NEED MORE RPG’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news it seems that the world’s largest retailer, GameStop , may be going digital. Right know there is information that you will be able to download PC and console games. This may just be a casual download service but nothing is set in stone yet. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the digital world. Amazon watch out!!!! GameStop is coming!!!!

Well this is all the rumors I have for now!! Stay tuned to the Warzone this Friday for more from Weapon X.

Remember take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Weapon x out.

Now to play some more Mod Nation Racers for the PSP… Opps!!!!!

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