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X-Men TV Series: What We Know So Far

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Fox is looking forward to releasing great blockbuster movies next year with the Deadpool (which has just released its Red Band trailer), X-Men Apocalypse and Gambit. Fox may even bring more superheroes to the platter as they plan to add an X-Men TV series.

Fox network releasing a X-Men TV series isn?t a sure deal yet because of issues with rights. They however have been planning to do it for quite some time already. Here is everything we know so far regarding the planned mutant series.

What We Know:

1.) Negotiations with Marvel

Fox network is still engaging in a dialogue with Marvel to get the rights for a X-Men TV series. Fox has the rights to showcase all their characters in theatres, but they don?t have the TV rights yet, IGN reported.

2.) X-Men Characters Will Be Limited

Fox network co-chairman Dana Walden said the characters will only be comprised of characters from their feature films. They will not be using Marvel characters from ABC with Disney.

3.) It Will Be A Long-time running series

Walden is aiming for a long-term show as the series will not be airing for only a few episodes unlike the Fox network planned Prison Break revival.

4.) Might be based on X-Factor

According to Screen Rant, the series will be based on Peter David?s X-Factor. This is a spinoff that tells of a detective story run by mutants. X-Factor leader Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) is reportedly appearing in the mutant series.

5.) Possible X-Men Characters

If the story will be based on the first volume of X-Factor, we may be seeing the original X-Men team. According to ComicVine, the?team is comprised of Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Iceman,

6.) Will be a live-action?series

People who grew-up in the 1990?s were blessed with numerous cartoon shows which included an animated X-Men series. This however won?t be the case this time as they will be showcasing a live-action show. The story will be written by Patrick McKay and JD Payne. Producers from the TV series ?24? Even Katz and Manny Coto will be the series? show-runner, THR reported.

Why Only Now?

Fox network is planning to introduce X-men TV?series as well as numerous other shows when their season of American Idol ends.

Other Fox network planned tv series include a revival of Prison Break, a new ?24? without Jack Bauer, more episodes for ?Wayward Pines?, and a new series called ?Star? to be helmed by ?Empire? creator Lee Daniels, Variety reported.


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