X-Men Characters News: Ice Man Is Gay?

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A plot twist has surfaced in Marvel Comics that will affect the current X-Men character. If you are reading the current X-Men comics for the past 3 years, you have probably know that the original 60?s X-Men team (composed of the young Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel and Beast) went to the future to the current X-Men team that is currently in shambles with the help of the present day Beast in an attempt to bring some senses back to the current team. However after the classic X-Men saw how messed up their future self are, they decided to stay and help until the present day team go back to their senses. Yes, it is complicated but this is comics after all.


A few months back, on issue no. 40 of All New X-Men, where Bobby Drake or known as Ice Man finally opened that he is gay to Jean Grey after the two talk during a certain incident. What made Jean Grey worried is that the present day Ice Man still has not opened to everyone about his sexuality, it is probably because he thinks the society could not handle both issues (mutants and gays). Now the next step to do is to have the past version of Ice Man talk to the present version of Ice Man about them being gay. But this took them several months before they can actually discuss about it, then came issue no. 600 of the Uncanny X-Men where it finally happened.

With the support from the younger Jean Grey, the young Bobby Drake finally confessed to the older Ice Man that he is gay and he also expected that he is also too, then the older Ice Man finally admitted that he is also gay. It was still a shocker to fans especially with the current issue with some people to gays and lesbians, but it is nice to see how comic books can help discuss current issues with a blend of great storytelling.


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