?X-Men: Apocalypse? Movie Spoilers: Leaked Photos Show Apocalypse? Past, The Blob, And Psyloches? Psychic Knife!

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The ?X-Men: Apocalypse? hype keeps on escalating as the upcoming movie has revealed a new addition to the string of supervillains that the X-Men will dreadfully face. ?The Blob? will make the new addition to the much awaited film of the X-Men franchise along with the four deadly horsemen of Apocalypse, according to Movie News Guide.

The Blob appearance


A recent Instagram post by Benjamin Malatre Bureau showed a keychain of the X-Men logo engraved with the word ?Apocalypse.? On the caption, he shared his experience with the X-Men cast with Ban Hardy (Angel), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler) and Nicholas Hoult (Beast). After which he stated ?the Blob.? He noted that a 540-pound French-Canadian actor will play the role of the Blob instead of creating a fat suit or any CGI to bring the character to life, shared by Latin Post.

For those who don?t know who he is. The Blob is one of Magneto?s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Some of his powers include super strength, extreme endurance to physical injury, and the ability to generate a gravity field that garners him immovable on the ground, shared by Latin Post.

Psylocke?s psychic knife

Wire training for #psylocke @oliviamunn #stickit

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As well as Blob?s appearance to the ?X-Men: Apocalypse? characters, a hint of Psylocke?s psychic knife will be shown in the film. An instagram user named Sara Potts apparently posted some videos of Olivia Munn on set doing some wire training, according to CinemaBlend.

The video posted from instagram showed the character wielding a katana and a weapon which could be the famous psychic knife that readers see in the comics. In the original Marvel comics, Psylocke was famous for her psychic abilities in which he could focus her mind into creating her unique psychic knife.

Apocalypse past

#Egypt #1983 very hot shooting day. Amazing background players here in #montreal #xmen #xmenapocalypse

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Director Bryan Singer also posted on Instagram a scene of what will be a flashback to Apocalypse?s past, shared by ComicBook.com. Singer?s caption details Egypt set on the 80?s with a few background characters posing for a picture. The scene appears to look like Apocalypse may take a walk around the city after he wakes up and starts remembering what it looked like thousands of years ago, stated by Fashion and Style.

In any case, any more additional rumors to the ?X-Men: Apocalypse? characters will definitely make it the most-anticipated movie of 2016. ?X-Men: Apocalypse? will hit theaters on May 27, 2016.


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