?X-Men: Apocalypse? Leaked Set Photos, Storm Is Now Powerful Villain!

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After the trailer reveals, it?s time to learn more about who are the four horsemen of Apocalypse and why is Storm part of them?

The upcoming X-Men film will tackle on the most powerful villain after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past where the current timeline has been changed, seeing some more familiar characters returning (and taking away any traces from the bad taste from X-Men: The Last Stand). We all know Apocalypse will have his personal elite mutants called The Four Horsemen, but in the film version, he?ll have a new roster.

The new Four Horsemen will compose of Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and of course Angel/Archangel (Ben Hardy). What is more interesting is that Storm was added as a villain in the film, but thanks to the changes in the X-Men during Days of Future Past, some origins may have been altered.

Storm?s origins started when she was orphaned after an aircraft attack; causing her to have claustrophobia, she then became a thief in an Egyptian capital. As she finally manifested her true abilities, she was treated as a goddess. In the original timeline, Professor Xavier eventually discovers her and recruited as a member of the X-Men, however things might have changed and possibly Apocalypse managed to get ahead of Professor X and brainwashed Storm to become one of his Four Horsemen.

Storm is not the only superhero that joined the ranks of Apocalypse? personal guards, Angel was an original member of the X-Men before becoming Archangel for Apocalypse after his original wings were torn apart. The Hulk once became the Horseman War at a certain point, Wolverine became Death during the Apocalypse: The Twelve comic story arc and then Gambit also became Death for the third incarnation of the Four Horsemen.


As for the case with Storm, it?s possible that she can be struggling from her allegiance with Apocalypse in the movie. A latest image posted by director Bryan Singer found by Screen Rant shows Storm surveying the gloomy landscape of Cairo, Egypt. Expect the movie will be big and full of large-scale destruction as it was hinted this will be the franchise?s finale, as a storm is really coming.

We?ll definitely find out how it will end once X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016.

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