X-Men Apocalypse: The Curse Of The Threequel? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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X-Men Apocalypse is coming out this May 27. It will feature some of our beloved X-Men fighting the ancient mutant Apocalypse. The trailer finds Charles Xavier?s friend Mystique rounding up young and non-combat-ready mutants to fight their greatest threat yet. But outside the film, the movie producers are also up against a bigger threat than it did in the their last outing. This is what people call ?The Curse of the Threequel?.

It?s the probabilistic outcome that the third film in any trilogy is the worst–or significantly worse than the first–in critical reviews and also box office income. Superhero movies have fallen to ?The Curse?. We prepared an infographic below showing these ?big shot? superhero trilogies falling under the curse. According to the Washington Post, X-Men: Apocalypse is ?shaping to be the worst-reviewed film in the franchise?

X-Men: Apocalypse is the third film of the second trilogy of the franchise and that features Brian Singer at the helm of the project. The first two made $195.4 million and $547.9 million, respectively.

For viewers to get a grasp of this ?Curse?, the BitBag has the?detailed infographic below that’s?friendly to both numberphiles and those that rather have them graphed.

Can the X-Men Apocalypse beat Days of the Future Past or succumb to ?The Curse of the Threequel?? Our fearless prediction is just as good as yours.



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